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Tue, Jan. 20th, 2009, 10:28 pm
Insert Random Subject Here

As sporadic as my posts are, i will say that it always feels kinda nice to know that my livejournal still exists and that when I need to can always always come back here and post. As is per usual I have my normal set of reasons for not posting: nothing to write about, or when there was stuff going on i was too consumed and overwhelmed by it to even sit down and post, or my personal favorite livejournal oh yeah i had completely forgotten about that old thing.

I guess I should mention that I think all this hyp and all this stuff about this inauguration (which thankfully is now over) is kinda crazy. Yes we have a new president but it is another president, and he does not have all the power and cant change everything, let alone instantly. How crazy people have gotten over this kinda scares me, its almost cult like, which is terrifying.

Anyways from my world, well its just kinda....blah. At least right now. Last week had some excitement in the fact I got to run the Barns show on my own, which very much so is a promotion, but it was a chance to do more it was a huge step in the right direction. Managing shows is way better than supervising. Still not full time (or even part time) which is not cool (i am temp/season despite being there 40hrs/wk all year) but it means more money and its a huge step forward, esp given that they have never done this before. To the best of my knowledge I am the first person that wasnt on the full time staff they have let run the show. That show was the first of many so I cant wait for my next challenge. Also they cant have too many more things they can throw my way before I get a to be full time, even still it is a lot more experience for my resume if nothing else.

No Caps games this week or last or even next week but thats just the way it goes. With everyone back to school (except Matt) for the semester I guess for me its back to sitting around and being bored out of my mind.

December was plenty busy between Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Switchfoot, 2 Caps games, and a trip to Las Vegas so I guess this boring month of January evens things out.

Thu, Apr. 24th, 2008, 12:51 am
Random Update

It has been a fair amount of time since i posted. This is the same as usual. I go long periods of time without posting.

Had a great weekend though. I got to goto Games 5 and 7 for the Washington Capitals playoffs. They lost the game 7 in OT to the Flyers, which kinda sucks but it is what it is. Still doesn't change the fact I got to be there and it was a great game.

Classes are kicking my ass. I just took on too much at once. I wasn't ready for this many papers in classes that had finals already. I expected one or the other. Mix in a group project and a job 40+ hrs a week and things get crazy. On top of all that I am trying to pay off loans and out money away for a new car. I love my little Geo but I am always in fear it will die on me.

Tue, Jan. 8th, 2008, 10:11 pm
It's Been Awhile

I had forgotten that I last posted in November; I thought it had been longer.  I really think I am good shape with everything for once. Life is dull but at least I can breath easy now because all the pieces are falling into place. Starting slow at nova, only taking two classes this semester. If things go well I will move on from there, but I don't want to start big and fall hard again. Looks like I am going to be working at Wolf Trap for a while. The reason being that staying at Wolf Trap gives me a lot of down time in the fall and spring during the school year, so i can take classes whenever and then when i am not in classes i can be studying while being paid to work. Entertainment management is my current goal to get into. Specifically I want to be a box office manager.

So the new year came around and its now 2008, originally I didn't plan to have any new years resolutions. I realized that it was the perfect time to start a new and change things for the better. I am always upset with myself at the way certain things have gone in the past but I think now I am on the right track. I feel that now is the time to do all the things I have been telling myself I would do. So far it has been pretty good for the most part. There are a few things I need to do before I can stop certain things. Things are moving in the right direction at least.

Fri, Nov. 9th, 2007, 09:09 pm

Well everything turned out to be easier than i thought it would be. I was only working yesterday from 8am-12pm, managed to go home then I got back there at 10pm and worked until midnight. Above all else the most important thing is that the Mountaineers won yesterday. With so many things up in the air right now and my debt just being huge, for so reason I am very calm and relaxed right now. I mean the fact is that I should be losing my mind. Maybe I have already lost it, thats the only thing that I can think of that would explain everything right now. Although not everything has an explanation so this could just be one of those times.

I kinda like the fact that I am back to posting in this thing again. I want to see if I can break my previous record with most days posted in a row. After all I do go months without posting at all sometimes.

Wed, Nov. 7th, 2007, 10:57 pm
Chances of making it to the weekend

Normally I should be happy about the fact that only two more days until the weekend, however I am fearing these next two. They shouldn't be difficult but they are going to be a pain, and very very long. I have to be at the Patriot Center at 8am but the problem is I don't know when I am going home. Considering I am staying through the load-out and the basketball court has to go in after we load everything out I may not get out until 5am or later. If I didn't have to work a few hours later on Friday there would be no problems. Having to be at Wolf Trap at 10am on Friday and knowing that I have to go home between the two isn't good. Good news is that when 6pm on Friday rolls around I am going to be sprinting (assuming I can still do that) out the door. Just to add insult to injury, the Louisville vs. West Virginia game is tomorrow night and I am pretty sure I am not going to be able to watch any of it.

Sun, Nov. 4th, 2007, 12:27 pm
Because I Can

No I have no made a post since the very beginning of August, but at the same time I don't feel like anything has happened. I mean things have happened but in the overall picture of things not much has changed. So I might as well start with the things that have changed.

Most of what I have been doing is working, and this has changed a little bit. I still find myself working all the time, but before it was working at the Filene Center at Wolf Trap. Well Filene center is closed for the season and now the Barns at Wolf Trap is open so I have been working the box office there. Problem with that is I am only in about two days a week. So I took a job working at the Patriot Center working operations staff. Load-In and Load-Out of concerts and other events. Once again I find myself hardly ever there, just not a lot of work to do. So from September until its close in October I was also working at Bodies The Exhibition. I did all sorts of fun stuff there, operations staff (watching making sure people followed rules and what not), but I also worked with the education department in helping with the groups. I even did the gift shop one day. Like I said that closed down mid October, most of the people there had worked at the Warner or at the very least knew people at the Warner, so they put in a good word for me at the Warner Theater box office. Well that went well and I got hired there and I get to start the last week of this month.

Other than that I haven't done anything, I have made one trip to Morgantown. Either I am working or sitting around with nothing to do.

Wed, Aug. 1st, 2007, 12:08 am
Losing my Mind

Gah!!!! I really hate these days where my mind just goes numb and short circuits itself. I hate being to the point where I just cant even do my simple functions anymore. I also tend to be very harsh on myself when I screw up and make mistakes. Combine those two and that was pretty much. Work was work for once and it was a lot of it and i just wasnt up for it tonight. Trial by fire I guess but its what it is. What is done is done.  I am very much so going to take full advantage of my day off and cherish it. Days off come few and far. I just cant shake the feeling that i am in for a very long week ahead. The fact that I got to see Guster perform tonight did kinda make up for it. Guster is up there on my list of favorite bands, by no means at the number one spot (Red Hot Chili Peppers) but certainly on there.

Sat, May. 26th, 2007, 12:34 am

Well as far as I am concerned summer is officially here once again. I am back from Vegas! For the second summer in a row I find myself chillin and kicking it at Wolftrap. Its very different this year at the Trap because there were only 4 people hired last year and everyone else was returning; this year is the exact opposite, where there are 4 people returning full time (a few others that show up from time to time for shows) and the two supervisors. I kinda like the fact that this year I am up on everyone for right now but I mean I dont consider myself above anyone. I find it amusing that I left for nine months and I came back and its so much the same. I also like the fact that in my opinion this year has a much better summer schedule than last year. I still havent put much effort in to working out details for things when the summer is over but right now i just want to enjoy things and as boring as the trap gets at times i really enjoy it there. Last night was good to because I went and saw Pirates 3, which in logic makes no sense since i went to a midnight show after getting off the red-eye at 7:30 and working 1-9 but whats the fun if life makes sense? While there I managed to run into Jess, Chris, and Kyle meet me there, which was nice. Junker was also there i got to talk to him for a little bit outside Worldgate, also saw Dustin but didnt get a chance to talk to him. There were a few other HHS people i recognized but they didnt acknowledge me even though i know they saw me so whatever, personally i dont care i was just a little surprised. I hate fucking HHS so whats done is done. Oh Mrs.Frielich was one of the teacher i had at HHS and i saw her tonight at wolftrap and she insulted one of my co-workers. She was trying to scalp a ticket (which is illegal on park property) and when Brian told her she couldnt do it she gave him a hard time appearently asking "Are you even one of the paid people?!" then she continued to try right in front of the box office window and i went out and told her and she tried to hide behind a piece of paper and ran away. Well at any rate we had to tell her two more times one of which Brian got on her a little bit because he knew she was a (former) teacher (of mine). Its random things like that i make for interesting nights at Wolftrap.

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 10:26 pm
Viva Las Vegas

As is usual per summer I once again find myself in the warm weather and sun of Las Vegas, Nevada. For whatever the reason being here is the first time I have been able to think clearly and think things through in a very long time. I think thats because no matter where else I was, I always had something else bugging me or on my mind or to do. Between trying to find someone to sublet my appartment to (which I did) or longing to be in Morgantown as soon as I returned to Herndon to finding a path for an electricianship, none of these problems really exist because when I am out here I have no worries I can just take my time and enjoy myself. There was a comment to my last post and that just kinda made me think. I just cant believe I didnt think of looking for an electrician apprenticship in Morgantown. That would solve my problems. When I was in Herndon I was going nuts because I wanted to be anywhere but home, and home didnt feel like home. Home to me was Morgantown. That really strikes me as something since I have lived in Las Vegas (always home), Pahrump (not quite home but very close), Tulsa (I havent been back since I left) and Silver Spring, MD (also havent been back). I cant remember I time with the expection of getting dragged out of Las Vegas (but there were a lot of other things going on that night, it was the start of a dark period for me) when I felt so sad to leave somewhere. I really hadnt been in a position like that in ten years. I know if I stay in Herndon I will go stir crazy and just be mad at everything since I wont be able to enjoy my free time since there is almost (well there are some people) no one in Herndon to hang out with. I already knew I would have to return to Morgantown every free chance I got just to stay sane. My whole reason for not staying was because there werent trade schools and now I am not even looking for a stupid trade school. So whoever made that comment I cant thank them enough, since I was able to think of this option now and not 7months or later down the road when it would be almost impossible to change it. Right now everything is so far up in the air it isnt exactly a good thing. Should I have things a little bit more under control? Yes, I should but I dont. In fact I have always kept things up in the air as long as possible, waiting until the final seconds to try to make sense and throw things together, somehow it has generally worked for me too. Everyone makes mistakes but we learn from them and move on, thats just the way life goes. When people would ask me if I had any regrets about leaving Morgantown and being thrown out of WVU, I always said NO. Reason being that I got a lot out of my time there and I wouldnt trade anything for it, as far as wanting to stay and that sort of thing was concered I stood by my NO. Sure I got kicked out, but thats the way it goes I deal with it and move on, to me a regret is a mistake that you fail to move on from. So while someones help managed to help me see another option, nothing is sound just yet, only time will tell how this all plays out in the end. Just know that I have found a new best option and I am going to put almost all my effort and energy into activly pusuising that option.

Sun, Apr. 22nd, 2007, 09:46 pm

Well I finally came to a desicion on something that has been in my mind and bothering me for some time. The part that sucks is that was a no win choice. No matter which way I went I knew I would end up regretting it and I already do. Ok so here was my problem, I knew I am going to be kicked out of West Virginia University, I dont have a GPA after two semesters I will still have a perfect 0.0. So I found myself with a few problems and choices, in short do I stay or do I go? See I still have a lease I can't get out of, and I need to find someone to sublet to, if I decided to leave Morgantown. Now if I stay in Morgantown, I would have to work full time pretty much in order to cover rent but at the same time I wouldnt be getting anything out of my time here I would just be working and going out whenever I could. If I go back home I could goto NVCC or work or a trade school, and then I would at least get something out of the year I am being given off. So do I suffer in the short run and deal with a year back in Herndon and take it from there or do I stay in Morgantown and suffer in the longer run and find myself making no progress and changing nothing. Pretty much the same thing I ended up doing this past year. Well as much as it pains me to admit it, I decided to go back to Herndon. I figure at least I can make some kind of progress towards my future and have some hope. I would have happly stayed in Morgantown if there had been any trade schools in the area but the closest one is about an hour away so it just wouldnt work. So I find myself now looking into diffrent ways to become/ or learn about being an electrician. I finally told JP and Brian about this since I was supossed to be rooming with them next year, and the search has started for someone to take my place. I love Morgantown but I need to suffer some kind of consequences for doing nothing all year, and I need to do something towards a career and future. Now I run into the problem of what if I cant find someone to sublet my lease to, then I am really in trouble but I need to just continue taking it one step at a time. Feel free to leavce any thoughts or comments, on this subject.

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